The Importance of Experience

The Greek philosopher, Socrates, that we all might (or might not) remember reading about in our Rhetoric 101 course, once said that “true knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.” We gain knowledge from our experiences, whether good or bad, we grow and learn from these experiences. David Gardner in his informative book, The StartUp Hat, states that “experience gives you the test and then the lesson”.

The old figure of speech “Jack of all trades” can definitely be used to define David Gardner, and to defy the second part of the saying, he is actually “master of many.” In the ancient days of the floppy disc, David inscribed and sold code. In the present day of apps, social media, and AI technology, after investing and developing several successful companies, David has forged a space called Cofounders Capital, a seed fund and startup accelerator focused on growing entrepreneurs and startups.  David did not just wake up one morning as one of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors in the Triangle. As you will find in reading the introductory of The StartUp Hat, David worked hard to achieve this title and has had an intriguing journey, with many twists and turns on the way.

One might not believe that David finished a semester of Divinity School only to find a deep affinity for computers. If you’re like me, or any other college graduate, budding entrepreneur, or even a prosperous CEO you might feel lost right now, and if not now probably tomorrow, or at some point in the near future. Inspiring stories like David’s can help us realize that sometimes feeling lost is a part of the journey and that our success is not defined by being on the right path but is rather defined by our unique journeys in getting there.

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