Lucid Dream and the Art of Innovation

Not a single one of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings sold in his lifetime and now he is regarded as a forefather to Modern Art. Artists often must make sacrifices to create work through passion, this sort of sacrifice is also known as innovation. We would not be where we are, fundamentally, as a society without Modern art, and now in a post-modern climate there is a new way to interpret the brush strokes in van Gogh’s “Olive Tree with Yellow Sky and Sun”. Lucid Dream offers AR/VR solutions to their audience, putting forth a new path that will revolutionize our 2D interactions, bringing the spectators into the show, much like a dream.

Lucid Dream is based in Durham and has a small team of dedicated designers, artists, and engineers with a mission to educate people in a way that is fun, engaging and experimental. They have worked with several companies to make this mission a reality, both virtual and augmented. Most recently Lucid Dream has partnered with The Nature Conservancy of North Carolina to unveil an inspiring and radical project. They aren’t bringing the grand NC forests into our living rooms they’re bringing us into the forests. Lucid Dream and NC Conservancy have developed an app called “The NC Nature Conservancy Fire and Water AR Experience” that enables people to have interactive experiences with NC’s unique ecosystem. Through a fantastical portal, one can enter into an informative space where they can interact with the species who inhabit their water source or understand the benefits of controlled burning. The Nature Conservancy and Lucid Dream have merged two seemingly opposite concepts, technology, and nature, and teamed them in a way that is educational and inspiring.

Lucid Dream strives to make learning magical and is revolutionizing the ways in which we can learn. Progress is impossible without innovation and companies like Lucid Dream are paving the way for a new movement and a new age.

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