Climbing your Mountain

When I used to climb the rock wall at my university rec center, it wasn’t the labor intensive climbing itself that made me stop, it was my fear of heights once I got halfway up the wall. Grace Ueng, inspirational speaker and founder of Savvy Growth, would translate this personal failure as an inspiration to try again. In her TED Talk, Grace connects physical endurance to entrepreneurial endurance. This connection is reflective of Grace’s philosophy, that one must face obstacles to obtain their goals. This philosophy developed what is now Savvy Growth, a marketing firm that helps companies and executives reach their goals and be the best that they can be. Whether you’re a growing company or a Fortune 1000, Grace Ueng’s passion is to “inspire you to climb your mountain.”

Serving as an executive coach, inspirational speaker and marketing consultant, Grace is multifaceted and brings these skills forward to help companies reach their full potential. Ueng is a modern orator, being able to relate to her audience through extensive marketing experience and personal experiences. Research Square, a research communications company, described Grace as one that “imparts wisdom based on her depth of knowledge as in-house executive plus years helping clients maximize their success as a growth consultant.”

Startup Summit and Savvy Growth share a similar vision and symbol. This symbol is simple in the design world, a mountain, but to actually climb the mountain is anything but “simple.” To be a climber, to be an artist, to be an engineer, or to be on a startup team, one must have the tools, or else every goal is impossible to reach.  Much like Savvy Growth, Startup Summit provides these tools. We are the ice axes, the ropes, the hand chalk and Grace Ueng would believe that you are the athlete and are the only one that can endure the mountain.

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